Instructions, product & usage information


Assembly of MOUNTY modifiable climbing frames is completely tool free. It is as simple as taking segments out of the box, putting them together and joining with attached knobs.

Assembly of TRIO and NESSO will only require the use of attached Allen key.

The RAMP, TRAVE, CIBO and VOLANTE are ready to use straight out of the box.

Age recommendation

The MOUNTY climbing frames can be used from birth.

Weight capacity

MOUNTY products are safety tested to hold 70kgs and conform to the AS/NZ 8124 standards. We’re currently investing in further testing methods as we believe the weight limit is much higher on our frames.

Angle adjusting

Shifting gear positions to change the shape should only be done by an adult. Correctly positioned joint should have no gap between stainless steel plates. Two segments should be parallel to each other with no gear visible. Children should never be on the frame when shifting gear positions. MOUNTY recommends checking joint alignment and tension before each use.


Use only on a soft fall mat. Ensure the play area is free from obstructions. The equipment can be used indoors or outdoors. To avoid damage, it is recommended that the MOUNTY equipment is stored inside, out of the weather conditions. We recommend that our MOUNTY Climbing Frames are not exposed to direct sunlight which can cause metal components to become too hot. This can lead to burn injuries and damage the equipment. Using the equipment on slippery surfaces could cause injury. We always recommend bare feet for the best grip.


Always supervise children when using the MOUNTY. Refrain from putting children in positions they are not capable of getting themselves into. This allows children to lead their learning and discover their limits. Force creates resistance. Trust equals influence.­­­­


All our products are manufactured from RAW untreated timber. External factors like temperature changes, sun exposure, humidity fluctuation and forces during play may result in changes of the wood characteristics as well as screws getting slightly loose over time. Please check them regularly and tighten if necessary using attached Allen key. Remember not to over t­­ighten.


We recommend cleaning the MOUNTY equipment with a damp cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners as they may damage wood surface. A light sand using attached sanding sponge or damp Magic Eraser should help remove any artistic residues and/or smooth out any unwanted imperfections.


Each MOUNTY product is unique due to the natural grain of the timber. Part of the beauty of natural wood is the imperfections that give real individuality and personality. As much as we try our best to get our products perfect, we embrace each item's uniqueness and hope you do as well.

Cracks & splits

Cracking and splitting (called checking) is a part of timber characteristics. It is a very natural part of the life cycle of wood – even once it's been cut and shaped fluctuating temperatures and humidity can cause wood to swell, shrink, absorb and give away water. Checking is very rarely a result of any structural issues. To slow this process down we recommend sealing timber components with a food safe wood finish - penetrating oil (e.g. Raw linseed oil) or surface sealer (e.g. beeswax). Regular reapplication for penetrating oils is recommended.


Raw timber should never be exposed to extreme humidity changes. Ventilation is essential. Wood can crack if it gets too dry and warp if exposed to moisture.

High humidity can also cause mold and mildew to form.

Please store in cool, shaded and dry location allowing airflow circulation

Always remove knobs when dismantling the frame for storage. Store the knobs and frame separately. Do not put stress on any of the parts while dismantled.

We take no responsibility for injury if the product is not assembled correctly, misused, or stored incorrectly.