What makes MOUNTY so different?

We have tried different designs that are already available on the market. Sadly we were not satisfied with any offered solution therefore using our knowledge and experience as architects and engineers we decided to design our own stainless steel swivel system.

Our goal was not only to improve structural strength of the joints, add more angle increments to extend the amount of possible setups, but we mainly focused on eliminating complexity of angle adjustment which is a big deal for one person when using any other similar product available on the market.

We eliminated necessity of using any bolts or safety pins other than a knob itself. We have spent months testing several ideas, systems and solutions, prototyping & testing different options until we came up with the stainless steel gear system in a shape of components that we offer today. Angles can be easily adjusted by one person only with 15° increments while the segments stay attached to each other.

Changing shape take seconds now! No more sweating & swearing while aiming to get the dowels into the holes (or any other complicated and/or timetaking solution). No more waiting for your partner to get back home to give you a hand. It needs to be simple, safe and instant. We also find it elegant yet the style is an individual thing.


Australian made & owned license

Our whole range is designed and manufactured in Australia. We use locally sourced, RAW, untreated hardwood and marine plywood. Each piece is unique and with proper care will last generations.

Support small family local business and local suppliers by purchasing MOUNTY equipment.


Why does MOUNTY seem expensive?

We admit – MOUNTY climbing frames might seem expensive.

Stainless steel componentsswivel system and knobs are expensive and require outstanding precise manufacturing.

All MOUNTY components are locally sourced and manufactured here in Australia. In today’s global market there are plenty of options to bring the costs down. However we decided it is important to support Australian market.

By purchasing MOUNTY you are investing in your loved one’s development. With MOUNTY products and its superb quality and uniqueness it is a long term purchase.

Assuming your child would use MOUNTY GRANDE climbing frame for 6 years (we actually believe it will be twice as long) the difference between cheaper limited products and MOUNTY could be as little as $1 a week.

One off expense might seem big, yet if you are consious about long term goals and benefits or you have tried other solutions offered on the market the choice is simple.